About Clerestory Systems

Clerestory Systems is a software development company born in the brain of a librarian. It is comprised of systems people who emphasize the organization of information first, creation of a solid model second, and then the development of a retrieval system. Our flagship product, MuseMinder Studio Management System, provides a business tool for teachers of fine arts and performance, reflecting our personal affinities that span the realms of systems and the humanities. Other products we develop are strictly business: financial tracking tools, ticket-tracking tools for facilities, direct-mail tracking and the like. Our programming expertise allows us to provide database solutions that are both web and PC-based.

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What is a Clerestory?

Short answer: windows up high.

Officially: The upper zone of walls rising above adjacent roofs and pierced by windows so as to admit light to a high central room or space flanked by lower rooms or spaces.

Source: Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online, J Paul Getty Trust